Tigersoft is a Rwandan private company that has been in business for over the past 20 years, and it is among the leading software companies in Rwanda that rose from the needs to pivot on technology and accelerate socio economic growth of the country.
Tigersoft has built and delivered IT business solutions to the Government and private institutions that range from Ministries to Financial Institutions. It has a track record of enabling system communication through innovative integration among public sector and between public and private institutions. For instance, Tigersoft developed Tiger Application Programming Interface (TigerAPI) that integrates Central Bank of Rwanda and other Financial institutions.

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System Integration

Tigersoft developed APIs that allows your business solution to communicate with other systems.

Financial Management Solutions

Financial assets are at the core heart of any business and Tigersoft provides solutions ranging from budget planning to accounting modules.

Education Management Solutions

Tigersoft provides solutions including but not limited to student and staff profile, monitoring and reporting student and staff performance, generating time tables, linking financial systems and student data.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Resource optimization is very critical for any organization to grow. Tigersoft developed a customizable ERP solution that can support different organization of any size.

Electoral Management Solutions

The ability to make your vote count in terms of choosing a leader is a right of any citizen. Tigersoft develops highly secure and robust solution to manage the election processes.

Labor Market Information System

Jobs are the main source of income of many people in the world. The ability of any government to create more and decent jobs lies in the understanding of the labour market information. Tigersoft empowers government with Labour Market Information Systems to make informed decisions in this regards.

Travel Document Management Solutions

Tigersoft has developed an integrated business solution to support the issuance of internationally recognized travel documents ranging from “Laisser-Passez” to all types of passports.

Population Registry Solutions

Population growth is key for any country to ensure sustainable socio economic development. Tigersoft developed a system that facilitates the registration of people and issuance of National ID cards.

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Solutions

This registration include but not limited to birth, death, marriage, divorce, legalization and adoption. Tigersoft is developing the solution for the Government of Rwanda.



Tigersoft has experience in the core banking system and payment integration since 1998.It also integrates banking system with other institutions in a simple and secure way.


Tigersoft has experience in Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPS) that organize tasks of employees, personnel payments and filing for employees tax declaration.


Tigersoft has experience in systems that deliver results for Population Management System (PMS) like managing population registry and civil registration.


Tigersoft has experience in systems that provide issuance in Machine-Readable Travel Document and border control to manage registration, identification of travelers and screening process.


Tigersoft has experience in Financial Management Information System (FMIS) to track financial events, to accumulate and analyze financial data to meet financial obligations.


Tigersoft has experience in Electoral Management System to manage voter registration, voters check list, observer and polling stations management.